Director | Playwright

Here Comes the Sun

joseph morgan schofield: here comes the sun

Photos by Graeme Braidwood, PILOT nights, 2017.


Part of an ongoing collaboration with performance artist Joseph Morgan Schofield.
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beta public iv, may 16, 2017
camden people's theatre

PILOT nights, oct 17, 2017
fierce festival

LIVE 7, nov 17, 2017
camden people's theatre


beneath the synthetic terf, we’re looking at deep time baby. this is a ritual for QUEER SURVIVAL, a stagger thru eco + gender anxiety, via ancient norse sex magic

an anthropocene queen rises from a polluted wasteland + the earth groans, hooked on an iv drip they told us was JUST high pressure water + its skin cracks and breaks + that genderquake was a 6.8 on the richter scale + im tired + scared + lonely

this is ritual for transformation, and survival

reimagining the ancient nordic practice of seiðr [think queer viking sex magick] as a contemporary rite, with a fresh dronescape by nat norland, here comes the sun is an attempt to work thru eco + gender anxieties + construct new histories + imagine a different future + queer the apocalypse

supported by ]performance s p a c e[ + mother's ruin + arts council england + pilot nights. videos available on request.


"smart, sexy and powerful ... resonating universally, cosmically and intellectually" 
Lisa Lee | Performance Maker