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Eris at the Wedding (Workshop Showing)

Eris at the wedding

3rd July 2017
Gielgud Theatre, RADA

Director - Laura Killeen and John King
Producer - Laura Killeen
Playwright - John King
Cast - Cormac Elliott, Clare McGrath, Kathleen Ryan
Sound & Lighting Design - Jake Wood
Composer - Stephen Gage

Seán feels wronged when his boyfriend is excluded from a family wedding, and is determined to do something about it. What does it matter that they've just broken up?

'Eris at the Wedding' takes the story of Eris, goddess of Strife, who was an uninvited guest at the wedding feast of Thetis and Peleus in Greek mythology, and maps it onto an Irish family in 2017.

Staged as a work-in-development, ‘Eris at the Wedding’ looks at what it means to be a disruptive presence to those closest to you.

Performed to a sold-out house at the RADA Festival 2017.